LARC Awareness Week 2015: Nov 15 - Nov 21

“Why do you Love Your LARC?”

What is a LARC?

LARCs or Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives include IUDs, the Mirena and Paraguard, as well as the implant, Implanon. These birth control methods last between three and ten years and are over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

What is LARC Awareness Week?

LARC Awareness Week is a chance to increase awareness about LARCs as a safe, effective, and long-acting birth control method. The theme for this year is “Love My LARC” and it will give women an opportunity to share why they love their LARCs with video messages sent in through various social media platforms.

Awareness Week Activities

Partnering organizations teamed up to increase awareness about long-acting reversible contraceptive methods. Throughout the week, we used various media platforms to reach the general public, providers, and teens on the effectiveness of these birth control methods through articles, fact sheets, videos, and other resources.

  • Monday, November 16th – Mythbusting/The Truth About LARCs
  • Tuesday – All About LARCs: The Different Methods
  • Wednesday – LARCs and Teens.
  • Thursday – LARCs and Providers.
  • Friday – Why I LOVE My LARC! Personal Story Day